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Admin Post: Meetup and Group Information

The DFW group has moved permanently away from Den of Angels and are now exclusively posting on Facebook.

To become a member you will need a Facebook account and apply to the group by answering three (3) questions.

The DFW BJD Dreams - Resin, Vinyl, Plastic and Beyond© group is a gathering place for the massive DFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth and all cities/towns between and surrounding the area) group of Asian doll and other types of dolls lovers. We moved here from Den of Angels so we could enjoy talking about all kinds of dolls freely. All posts must be in English.

This group is Anti-Recast.

Anyone interested in legit dolls is welcome to join the group and we gladly greet our doll friends from around the world.

UPDATE: All prospective members will be screened before approval.

No doll is off-topic here except bootlegs/recasts. See below for more info.

REMINDER! This group is Anti-Recast! Do NOT post your recast doll photos here!

REMINDER! This group does not allow Sales! Read the pinned post for the link to the Sales Group!

Feel free to post doll news, conversations, videos and images. DO NOT post sales/commissions. See below for more info.

The group has only a few rules, listed below:

1. NO BOOTLEGS/RECASTS are allowed to be discussed or posted here. Bootlegs/Recasts can only be discussed in the following instances:

a. Discovering your doll/figure is a bootleg/recast and warning the group .
b. Announcing an official doll company has found a bootleg company and providing a link to the doll company's announcement.

A recast/bootleg FAQ is available here if you have any more questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218977114802320/doc/517509431615752/

2. This is NOT a sales thread. Please read this file (https://www.facebook.com/groups/218977114802320/doc/504132646286764/) and join the DFW sales group.

3. Anyone wishing to create a doll event is welcome to do so. Please be sure to post all the pertinent information (what, when, where) so people can plan in advance.

4. Non-doll posts (ie: personal life woes, cosplay ideas which do not include dolls, job hunting/schedules, general weather reports, etc.) will be deleted except in cases where it has been approved in advance by the moderator.
NOTE ONE: Severe weather warnings like tornadoes are considered an exception.

NOTE TWO: Weather, jobs, etc. are appropriate for meetup/event threads as these subjects are relevant to meetup planning.

5. We are all excited about this hobby. However, excessive new posts on one day is discouraged. Use your prior new post to continue the conversation, show WIP photos and ask for help.

6. Please be courteous to others. Drama will be deleted.

7. Check our Files for information on many topics and our Photos for lots of doll pics.

8. This group is for adults and not considered family-friendly, since children are not supposed to have FB accounts. However, we do have some younger adult members here so please keep posts/language/images as PG and work-safe as much as possible.

The group is located here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DFWbjdDreams/
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